Sarahah Question Just for You: I am Demotivated after Loss of a Loved One, How can I Regain my Motivation


Asalamu Alaikum Lovely person,

When we first come into this world, we have nothing. Slowly, we grow into this realm where we are bestowed many blessings. The very first relation that we all know of, is our parents. This blessing of the family, is a system artistically, created and customized in such a way we connect together on pure love and mercy. Who created this system? Who organized the structure of family? Allah.

If Allah created your mother, then that means He also created her love, and all those beautiful memories as well. So, the good news is, you are not alone – you have Allah. Your mother, she is not alone, she has Allah.

Between your mother and you, is the Mercy of Allah. A person never dies in our hearts, unless we let go of their memory. Your mother truly dies in your heart, when you forget about her akhira. She is in the next world, and right now more than ever she needs your prayers, and constant love through your conversation with Allah.

So I want you to do this, prepare yourself for one night, just for Allah (swt). You can do this in whatever order but take a shower, make wudoo, put on your favorite scent, have a clean space alone, without any distractions and repeat these words;

Hasbi Allahu Laa Ilaha Ilaa Huwa Rabul Arshil Adheem (10 times)

Sit down, and hand all of your worries to Allah (swt). Tell Him, ” Ya Allah, you are greater than all of my worries, so manage my affairs, you are the best disposer of affairs.” In these moments talk to Allah (swt) like you would a friend. Don’t hesitate to express what is on your mind, because He already knows before you even attempt to say it.

When you are talking to Allah, you are talking to the King of this Universe. If you were to meet with any high official in this world you would do so with your best clothes, manners, and speech. When you ask Allah – begin by Praising Him, then by Thanking Him, then by Asking Him, then by sending Salutations to the messenger. This session is between you and Allah, so let it be in this moment that you express all of your concerns, needs, and desires. And take your time, in that sense.

After this moment, I want you to remain faithful. Allah will bless you in ways that you couldn’t imagine.

As for your mom, she was a manifestation of the Mercy of Allah for you in this world. But always remember that the Mercy of Allah is eternal, and never dies. So your mother passed on to the next, but His Mercy for both of you and His love for both of you is eternal. Remember that you will one day meet her, and you are so blessed to be a Muslim who can pray for her, and assist her in elevating her status in the next world.

Every prayer you make for her, is your chance at elevation in this life and the next. How beautiful is that?! You are so blessed to have this chance to gain reward for your patience, and she is so blessed to have you alive to pray for her. Remember that even the greatest men and women to walk this earth faced the most harsh difficulties. They were most beloved to Allah. Imagine us…

Keep this dunya in your hand, not in your heart. So that when you are faced with hardships, it doesn’t absorb into your heart and overwhelm you. Instead, keep it in your hands and know that everything passes. And we will all pass too.

And when you are given a gift by God, don’t hold this gift in your heart but in your hands. So that you don’t begin to love the gift more than than the Giver. So that when it is taken away you can truly respond ‘inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon’: ‘indeed we belong to God, and to God we return’.” Thank Allah for the memories, thank Him for the blessings as well as the lessons.

Don’t forget, to make that time, between you and Allah – and watch your soul regain its energy. Just like the greatest to walk this earth, you are a resilient soul.

Remember that the natural course of this world is life and death – an inevitable fact we will all face one day. So your mother is not gone, she’s went on a journey and she’s waiting for you. You just work hard for her and for you so that you meet again in the most beautiful place. Don’t give up. Stay strong. Keep your head up.

Every second of your life is a gift from Allah, we should all use the gift of time to our advantage before it runs out. You’re not alone, everyone on earth is tired from some hardship, but what do we do? We keep going anyway. You got this. We got this. We are in this journey together.

May Allah rest your beautiful mothers soul in peace, sending love and prayers your way .


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