If you Want to Know History, You Have to Know about These 5 Destructions that Will Happen Before Dajjal Arrives + THEY HAPPENED !


Asalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

Good morning to all, or evening depending on which side of the world you are on. Today I want to mention some things that you probably have noticed yourself. The world around us is really changing and rapidly. From the environment itself, to foreign policies between different lands, to the lifestyle of mankind becoming more and more centralized to one global premise. These changes that are happening, seem to be adding up in a way that is preparing and making room for the coming of a global order that will culminate in the coming of Dajjal. So you know me, I am always thinking, and I’ve decided to limit this post to five revolutionary changes that have taken place in our era, and you have probably witnessed yourself (some of them at least). What makes these revolutionary changes even more interesting is the fact that they were all mentioned in the Ahadith, as prophecies from our beloved messenger (alayhi salam), Muhammad Nabiyu-Allah.

In the early 1940s we have witnessed the global take over of Britain and history attests to the many countries that have been colonized by the British Empire, which was one of the largest in the late 16th and early 17th century. The power of the Empire spanned from the Scandinavian region, to the lands that they called “the orient” India (through the East Indian Company), and countries in North, East and Central Africa. What the millennial generation of our era do not realize is that the colonization that took place during this time was not just physical, but had major mental and spiritual repercussions on the people that were colonized. Many countries within Africa have overcome this colonization, managed to fight off the euro-centric ideologies that were forced on their civilizations, and hold on to their identity, culture, and strengthened the integrity of their own spiritual beliefs. Other weaker regions, succumbed to this mental and physical colonization and have lost their traditions and ways. Examples of this is in West and Central Africa, without getting into too much detail, these people have witnessed the loss of their own brethren to slavery and the hijacking of their identities as a people. Christianity was never a major religion in Africa until colonization took place. The first destruction of the pre-dajjal era is to strip away the chances of the light of truth from entering the hearts and minds of the people. This can be easily manifested once the people loose their identities to the lost religion. From the period of 17th to the 18th century many books were written by European writers and so called academics that have perpetuated the idea of the weakness and inability of the black race, and the superiority over the white race. This led to the indoctrination of many Europeans who began to believe themselves superior to other races, and the self hate of those who grew up being enslaved and colonized by European settlers.

So the very first destruction of the pre-dajjal era is the creation of a rift between the East and West.

The rift between these two societies would have to be so great that for the next centuries it creates endless enmity, that even if rectified by peaceful resolutions (the false creation of peaceful factions – the UN, NATO, etc) by seizing their so called corruption, it would have already saturated irreversible damage in the hearts of the people that have experienced this colonization. This rift between the East and the West, was the first major turning point for the world. The power that the British Empire boasted on their counterparts through their constant exploitation of the people they have invaded, was giving a head start to the empire. This very nation and their actions were paving way for the coming of an order that will bring the world under one nation under dajjal. Okay, so how?

Many people do not realize that religion plays a major factor in the actions of civilizations. No matter how much *colonial education* overlooks religion, and tries to make you believe otherwise; religion, is a driving force as to why certain events have taken place in the past, and are taking place today. In the late 1940’s Britain signed the Balfour Declaration, which was a document that mandated their full support of the making of Palestine into a Jewish state.

The Second Destruction of the Pre-Dajjal Era is his dismantling of the British Empire and its Power Shift into America

The greed and selfishness of the British Empire was not only due to economic hunger, and colonial mentality of taking over the world, and resources of foreign lands. It was also majorly ingrained in the pride that they carried for their own beliefs, and of Judeo-Christian value; the making of Palestine into a Jewish state was a move that would forever lead to the destabilization of the land of Sham. While the British Empire, was seeking ways to broaden its horizons through trade and the building of their colonial settlements. The Jewish state was paving its direction to taking over as the central head of Palestine; bear in mind that many believe that they have a right to the land under the premise of their religious ideologies presented in modern day texts of the Judeo-Christian narrative. In fact they believe that they have a right to all the lands of Sham spanning right to Egypt, and that it rightfully belongs to them, and so there is a faction amongst them who will stop at nothing to gain power over these regions.

Soon in the early 18th century the British empire began losing parts of the lands that they have colonized in East, Central, parts of West and North Africa. The discovery of America has already taken place, and the British found their way yet again colonizing the Natives of the land and taking over their rightful home. As the settlements in America increase, the final dismantling of the British Empire took place during their loss of the American Revolutionary War. It was in this period that the British Empire was at a loss that would lead to its decent in the world ladder.

Dajjals Power shifts into America – Colonialism of the British Empire ended but it continues on into Post-Colonialism 

Through this power shift, the enslavement of the Africans and the indigenous people (the Natives) – America as we know it today was built. Through the period of the Antebellum South, and the periods of the Great Depression, there were economic moves made throughout South America in the name of emancipation; in which resources was taken from the people in order to advance in agriculture.

The period of Industrialization took place over the economy in the North, and agriculture began to decline in the South as many moved over to mills that were being built in new urban cities and towns. As if the progress in America wasn’t enough after the Industrial period brought about advancements that have placed America as the number one power in the world – the American government began extending its foreign policy interests outside of its shores. (But this is a vast topic that doesn’t deserve a summary, so I will move on to the agenda that is happening in America at the very moment right now.

The Fourth Destruction that must take place is the Revolution of the Home. What is that?

Now we can delve into the hadith, because this is the point that will make you understand why certain things are happening the way they are today.

Let us start off with women, yes, us women. We can all agree that in the not too distant past, the world had similar traditions regarding the role of both men and women. We can also agree that, these traditions have contributed to the harmony of a household in many ways within the Islamic history, documented through ahadiths about our Messenger, and the times of the Sahaba. We can also agree that Allah (jala wa ‘ula) has defined to us in the Qur’an, the equal standing of men and women in his sight, but the beautiful differences that he has created between us. These teachings has lead to the Ignorance of the Quraish during the Period of Jahliya to be forever abolished. Women were no longer considered property of men, and were given rights to their own land, inheritance, and family name.

These very teachings were a light that were getting in the way of Dajjals plans to become unleashed into the world, and it was a danger to the proximity of his freedom, as more and more people were becoming enlightened by the lifestyle that commanded purity and the strength of the household’s of mankind.

So after the dismantling of power from the British Empire, to America (which leads to the destruction of Shaam), his final destruction of Americas power is by destroying the structure of the home. How has he done it?

In summary. Let us take a brief look at the feminist movement that took place in 1848, during the first Women’s Conference held in Seneca Falls, America. To begin with, the Women’s Movement evolved out of social reform groups such as the Abolition of Slavery, the Social Purity and Temperance movements. The origination of the movement was definitely for a noble cause, and was carried out on the premise of the unequal and discriminatory treatment of women within the legislative and judicial courts of America. The fact that women could not vote for their own party leaders, and elect their own officials into office, the fact that women could not seek their own source of income to feed their own families, the fact that women couldn’t start their own businesses, all of these were for a noble cause. After women gained all of these rights within their society, the feminist movement completed its main objective.

This objective then reached out into the not just the economic sphere of things, but the structural idea of women within society. This later contributed to how women should be allowed to dress, and do with their bodies as they please. The feminist movement kept evolving in this sense.

Now, I just want to ask you does the initiation of newly created ideology of the west take precedence over the Quran and the teachings of the messenger of Allah?

Never. The thing is, there are aspects within in feminism that are noble. The good treatment of women, the respect that feminists demand, and the equal standing of men and women with regards to fair and equal rights in the judicial courts. When feminism becomes a problem is when it becomes an enemy to men. The very sect of creation that Allah has created for us, as a part of us, and from us should not become our enemy. And this is where Dajjal and his allies of the Shaytan won. This rift has been created between the east and the west, then a further divide between countries due to colonial expansion, and the final fall of civilization by breaking down of the connection between men and women.

How is the family structure being broken? By taking away the sacredness of marriage. In today’s society, you see it happening right before your eyes. Marriage is starting to be considered a burden, and a paper or documentation that is useless to many.

Why? Women in their ever so haste to be declared as complete equals to men have forgotten the valuable and beautiful differences between the two genders. In their ever so haste to be declared as equals, the trend of casual dating sky rocketed with America higher than ever. And so, because women so easily delve into relationships with men, giving them all of the benefits of a wife, men no longer find interest in marriage. Why would they burden themselves to get married, when that is for the birds? They are young, and fresh, and have time and women who are willing to give them the relationship that a wife could give them – but…just without the commitment. What does this do? It is an instant win for Dajjal and perfect time for his coming. He has broken down what makes civilizations strong. He has broken down what makes a powerful nation. You break the family structure, you break the home, and you have broken the nations that humanity have the potential to build and sustain.

The Prophet Muhammad said, “The last people to come to the Dajjal will be women. And a man will have to return to his home, and tie down his wife and sister and daughter, to preserve them from Dajjal” this hadith points to the revolution that will take place within society as the false progression of women is internatlized, which in fact mostly leads to excess freedom in the sense of them letting go of their worth and value as women. This is the main agenda regarding Dajjals arrival, the value being taken from women, and the structure of family being destroyed.

Finally this brings us down to the Fifth Destruction: The Removal of True Leaders 

And this is one of the Ahadiths that the Prophet mentioned, if this happens, his coming will be very near. Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salam) once said, “”If leadership is entrusted to those unfit for it, expect the Hour.”

In this sense, we see that the only way that Dajjal can make his way into becoming the leader of the world is by taking away all chances of him being defeated. And so leaders who are not fit for leadership will take their place as leaders; which will speed up his acceptance upon his arrival.

This is a total summary of events, and does injustice to the amount of research, details and references that really went into it. However, if you ever did want references and documentation on any of the statements mentioned above don’t hesitate to email me and I will provide them. I hope you learned new things, and that some of these occurances happening today broadened your horizons, or perhaps contributed to an “aha” moment.

In short, thanks to those who read until the end.


– Amal Maow



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