Dua’a (Supplication)

We all have those set of prayers that we want the most for Allah (swt) to accept. Whether it’s goals, wishes and aspirations for this life, or the life to come after. Or even the wishes we repeat over and over again every chance we get. The upside to this is that… there is One who is listening to all of your dreams and wishes, and knows them even before it reaches your heart. He is also so Merciful, that He has given us exact times to strive to connect with Him and ask, and in those times supplications are most likely accepted.

Below I made a list of all the times you should take the opportunity to supplicate to your Lord. Repeat the duaa’s that you want most to be accepted during these times whenever you have the chance.

Before reading the list…. there is certain ‘etiquette’ to follow when asking Allah for anything. Allah is the Lord of the seven heavens, and all that is in between. So you are not just speaking to anyone… you are speaking to the King of all Kings. In this life it is important, to know who you are speaking to first before creating dialogue, a conversation, or even asking for anything. In this case, I would advise that you get to know who Allah is and understand the beautiful nature of the One who created you through the Quran.

When you start your duaa, first start off by calling Allah (swt) by His most beautiful names. Emphasize on His majesty, His Sublime, Sovereign and Supreme qualities. Highlight on all of the assets in your life in which you witness His abundant Glory and Mercy.

Then begin to thank Allah for everything He has ever done for you. Thank Allah from the time before you were first Created, the time He first created your soul, the time He placed the soul into your (nafs) earthly body, the time He transitioned you from the life of the unseen, from the time you were first born until now. Thank Allah for every breath you took, every heart beat you lived through, every foot step that guided you, every nueron, tissue, cell, skeleton and organ in your body. Thank Allah for all of your senses, your thoughts, your intellectual capability, your emotions, your guidance, your family, your work, your school, and the fact that you lived another day to even say “Thank you”. Thank Allah for all the things He has done for you (good or bad), those you know of and remember, and the favors you overlooked or don’t remember.

Hand all of your worries over to Allah, tell Him, “Ya Allah I hand all my worries to you, set my affairs straight. Ya Rab, you know me better than I know myself help me, I need you.”

Talk to Allah as if you are speaking to your own best friend. Have a conversation with Allah, express your feelings to Allah. Allah knows all of your inner thoughts, emotions, and intentions…but saying them aloud highlights your innocence, your humility and the fact that you are turning to Allah…shows Allah that you are sincere and far from arrogant. And these are characteristics that are beloved to Allah.

After that, ask for whatever you want.

Upon finishing ask Allah, “Ya Allah, if what I am asking for is good for me…make it easy for me and grant it to me swiftly. If what I am asking for is bad for me, take it far away for me and grant me what is better for me.” In the end Allah knows what is best for you, so He will give you according to what He knows is befitting for you.

Then end with salutations upon Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it is a respectful thing to do since the very action you are doing was the practice of Prophet Muhammad, and you wouldn’t have known about (duaa, or supplication) if it wasn’t for his life struggle to pass the message of God to mankind.

Once done, continue dhikr and remembering Allah. Have an open mind and heart that Allah will do what is best for you. Believe that your duaa will be answered by Allah in the best possible way. Never become impatient if you feel your prayers aren’t being accepted. Becoming impatient is not the best thing to do.

Things to stay away from when making duaa:

1) Don’t say “in sha Allah”, Allah knows very well that everything happens by His Will and Divine Orders. Do not say, “Ya Allah, if you Will…” or “…if you wish accept my duaa.” No one can force Allah to accept anything anyway, so it’s kind of unneccesary to say that. Just be straight forward on what you want or need, and have trust that Allah will accept it according to what is best for you.

2) Don’t ask for anything that goes against the commandments of God. Anything haram, or unacceptable, anything wrongful or anything that has to do with hurting others.

3) Don’t curse others, or invoke bad wishes upon anyone.

4) Stay away from speaking ill of others, or saying irrelevant things that have nothing to with you…or your relationship between you and Allah.

Things to do:

1) Pray for others in their absence, Allah loves that.

Making duaa is a win-win situation. Whether it is answered with a (yes) or a (no), the person still reaps the benefits of their duaa.

Allah answers duaa in the following ways;

1) Either Allah will give you what you ask for right away, swiftly, no ‘ifs’, ‘but’s or ‘ands’, and you will recieve your request in this life.

2) Allah will not give you what you asked for but something better than what you asked for in this life.

3) Allah will give you something abundantely better in the life after; you will recieve immense reward in the life to come,

equal to the amount that you asked for or even more.

5) Your prayer will not be accepted but Allah will tranform your bad deeds into good deeds, or increase your good deeds.

Times prayers are most likely accepted with a (Yes):

1) When it’s raining, the heavens are open.

2) When it is Ramadan, Eid, the heavens are open.

3) When it is the last portion of the night before fajr.

4) When in prostration, bowing down to God or in sujood, because it is the time you are closest to God.

5) Right after you do a good deed.

6) Right after you remember God.

7) When it is Fridays, the time after the adhan for Jumuaa until Asr prayer.

8) When you are crying and exceptionally sincere in your heart about what you want, throw in a prayer for all those suffering around the world

9) When you finish recitation of the Quran, honorable angels surround you and they will repeat “ameen” after all you say.

10) When you make a prayer for your brother or sister in their absence

11) The time right after fajr, or during fajr

12) When you randomly wake up in the middle of the night and you immediately remember Allah, ask for anything

13) When you are traveling

14) When you are breaking your fast

15) While you are fasting during the day

16) When you are performing the nightly prayers (qiyam); while the rest of the world is sleeping

17) When you make wudu’ (ablution)

18) When you finish any of the daily prayers

19) Right after you say, subhanaAllah wabihamdi, subhanaAllah al-adheem

20) When you repeat constant salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

21) When you do something good for someone with good intentions

22) When you are wronged, or oppressed by anyone

23) When you are a young child (you have less sins)

24) In the late nights while every one is alseep

25) During Tahajjud prayer

26) When you stop something or a sin for the sake of Allah, make duaa right after : )

Remember, Allah is the most Merciful, the most Generous…yet He is also the most Fair the most Wise. Whatever you ask for, if it isn’t answered “in time” or you feel you are getting no where, don’t ever ever ever give up. That is something that might cause your duaa to become ineffective.

Always have patience. See the beauty in patience, and practice it wholeheartedly; by believing in your heart, mind and soul that Allah will surely give you the best. Expect the best from Allah and you will get the best in sha Allah.

Keep praying, keep doing good, grow closer with your Lord, and never give up.

May Allah accept all that is good for you, and give you what is best for you. Ameen.


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